Bronsons Ltd has extended the Shot Blasting service it offers to include Vibro Deburring. The following machines have been installed to enhance the service we offer. We can now Deburr, Radius, Clean, Remove Carbon and Oil and Dry, Pack and oil. Bronson’s has now become a one-stop shop for Shot Blasting Tumble Blasting (Peening) and Vibro Deburring Services.

1 x Walther Trowal CD600 Vibro Bowl
1 x Walther Trowal CD400 Vibro Bowl
1 x Rotofinish ST20 Scroll Vibro Bowl
1 x Rotofinish ST18 Scroll Vibro Bowl
2 x VRM500K Maize Dryer
1 x BV Maize Dryer
2 x Vibro Bowl Oiler
2 x Vibro Separator
Assorted filtration and pumping equipment.